Enov C-Fold Luxury Hand Towels White

£21.00 plus VAT £25.20 2400 Sheet

Enov C-Fold Luxury Hand Towels paper disposable towels let you pamper your guests, tenants and customers with the ultimate in luxury.

These premium C-Fold towels feature our patented honeycomb emboss that adds a touch of elegance to any washroom, while two thick and thirsty plies offer super absorbency with every hand dry. Your customers will know you have their comfort in mind.

2-Ply towel offers more absorbency with every hand dry.

Designer packaging makes a statement of elegance and coordinates with bath and facial tissue products.

Customer-preferred patented honeycomb pattern creates thick, luxurious softness.
High quality, embossed.

Ply: 2 Ply
31cm x 23cm sheet size.
Colour: White
200 Towels per Pack
12 Packs per Case
Case 2400 Sheets

To satisfy demand for a deluxe hand towel which retains the traditional CFold dimensions and fold. Enov C-Fold Luxury Hand Towels are ideal where a touch of quality is needed while still providing c fold value.

Renowned for their reliability, consistent performance and in use value.

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