Enov Bulk Pack Interleaved Toilet Tissue White

£17.79 plus VAT £21.35 36 Sleeves

Bulk Pack Interleaved Toilet Tissue one of our most popular paper systems, bulk pack tissue has never been so economical, hygienic or environmentally friendly. Hygienically wrapped.

Dispensed from a flat bulk pack in individual sheets, high quality 2-ply white tissue is untouched prior to use and is geared to keeping janitorial involvement to a minimum, and economy at a maximum.

The flat pack toilet tissue offers great value for everyday use. The 2 ply interleaved flatpack provides a quick, easy and economical method of dispensing which helps avoid unnecessary waste. The tissue is soft, absorbent and strong without compromising breakdown-in-water characteristics.

Product Specification
Colour: White
Ply: 2
Sheet Length: 210mm
Sheet Width: 110mm
Quantity Per Sleeve: 250 Sheets
Quantity Per Case: 36 Sleeves

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